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Lofty Experience – The Launch of a New Law Firm.

The recently launched law firm of NoonanLance was in the process of putting together their new home – in the historic Pack Loft Building just steps from Petco Park in East Village San Diego. Working with Jean Walcher of J. Walcher Communications , I was enlisted to capture a fresh look for the firm’s new persona. We chose to capitalize on the vintage red brick walls of their loft offices and a loose and natural approach to express their personality and activate the environment. This included 2 separate photo shoots several months apart.


For the first shoot I made individual portraits of the attorneys against the original red brick walls and then a group shot of the entire firm that featured the raw space to showcase and announce the new firm in it’s soon to be new home.  For the second shoot I returned after the interior was fully built out and the firm had move in to capture the nuance and experience of their new work environment. In these situations I initially set up a scenario with people and help construct the scene,  but then find that backing away and letting the conversation progress naturally often yields those special moments of truth that make honest photographs. For both of the  shoots we chose to use the natural existing light in the loft to help the pictures further express an honest and authentic portrayal of the law firm and the environment.

Marshall was able to provide and execute a vision for how to use the firm’s unique new environment to help them stand out and apart from other law firms in their photography and visual assets. The firm has a lot of pride in the historical nature of their new facility and Marshall helped to express that.”  – Jean Walcher, President, J.Walcher Communications

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