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Portfolio Presentation has always been a challenge.  It’s expensive and time consuming to constantly update a printed book.  In the very old days it meant making duplicate 4×5 or 8×10 transparencies and mounting them in custom printed cardboard mounts.  Then with the advent of ink jet printing, large beautiful printed books were in fashion.  Still it was a laborious process to keep them fresh and updated and the printed version seldom had the proper color and range of the original file.  Over recent years I’ve relied mostly on my website as my portfolio but I realized I still needed to be able to sit down with someone and share my work.

Then the Ipad Pro arrived- with a large beautiful display and a screen that is very bright and wicked sharp!  This is the perfect portfolio vehicle.  With the use of FolioBook app, I can easily organize my many different portfolios and incorporate video too.  The on screen presentation is clean and highly customizable, navigation is simple and the most important of all it is EASY to keep updated.

Now all that was needed was a display case to present it in. I wanted it to be unique and possibly even a conversation piece.  I turned to Dan and Jess of San Diego Urban Timber.  They reclaim local timber and repurpose into a multitude of new uses including beautiful custom made furnishings.  From their workshop we chose a prime piece of California Coastal Live Oak.  I shared my vision and Dan and his crew did the magic.  I needed to somehow solve the problem of how to allow the case to remain tilted upward for easy viewing.  Dan came up with a niffy little stand that is easily removed for transporting.

Want to see my custom portfolio presentation in person?  Give me a call.

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